THE AT282-LP - GPS Tracking for Machinery and Equipment

  • Internal rechargeable battery provides disconnect and power up alerts
  • Device goes into deep sleep mode (less than 1mA at 12v) and will wake up with motion, ignition or input sense
  • Auto locate prior to entering sleep mode
  • Receive an alert if your equipment moves more than 1 mile (Unauthorized Movement Alert)
  • Continuous tracking at 30 minute intervals if 1 mile Auto Geofence is breached
  • Internal antennas (GPS/cellular)
  • Water proof housing
  • 20 on-demand locates every month
  • 24v compatible


Auto Locate - this unit will report an Auto Locate prior to entering sleep mode or every 24 hours if there has been no movement. The unit will enter sleep mode when there is no movement for 2 hours. The unit will wake up with movement/motion or when the ignition or input is sensed.

Auto Geofence - the asset tracker will report an Unauthorized Movement Alert to the mapping interface if the tracking unit moves outside a ½ mile radius (the end user will receive an SMS Unauthorized Movement Alert to a cell phone).

Ignition ON/OFF Reports - Ability to generate daily engine run-time reports.

Low Battery Alert - The low battery message will trigger at 11.0v (or 21.0v).

Backup Battery - If the asset tracker is disconnected from power the tracker will generate a disconnect alert.