Titan GPS



Maintenance & Theft Prevention

Titan GPS The following notifications are sent immediately as they are sensed by the System.
These notifications display on the web software and also can call an infinite number of cell phones and email an infinite number of contacts

  • Inactivity - machine has sat unused for a predefined number of days
  • Maintenance Due - one unique notification for each of the 4 service counters
  • 24/7 transit notifications - triggered when the asset moves above 30 MPH
  • Engine On - when an attempt to start the machine has occurred at unauthorized times
  • Geofence Violation - machine has moved at an unauthorized time
  • Low Power Mode - the machine's battery power has dropped too low
  • Emergency Light Notification - configured to alarm when a threatening condition arises on the machine

Theft Prevention/Recovery

Anti-Theft Features

  • Nightly Curfew - automatically sets at the end of the workday
  • Automatic starter disable - machine won't start during designated curfew time
  • Keyswitch alarm engaged - an attempt to start the machine trips a silent alarm
  • Geofence Violation - sends alert when the machine/asset moves a mile or more outside of invisible boundaries during curfew
  • Homing beacon mode (panic mode) - leaves a bread crumb trail to follow
  • Theft in progress alarm - notification of ignition turned on during curfew
  • Unauthorized removal or disconnection of the unit immediately locks the starter
  • Locate equipment on demand anytime for recovery


Titan GPS

  • "Heartbeat" confirms unit is functioning properly
  • Installation is completely covert (no exposed antenna) on 95% of machine models
  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • Flat rate subscription with no overage or hidden fees
  • No long term contract, month to month