Titan GPS


Titan GPS

TITAN Equipment Monitoring System

  • Eliminate equipment theft
  • Maximize equipment utilization
  • Slash maintenance costs
  • Boost revenue
  • Curb insurance costs
  • Minimize fleet and administrative costs
Built specifically for the demanding environment of the construction industry, the TITAN remotely collects data and transforms it into actionable information for intelligent business decisions. For the equipment owner, the TITAN is the complete tool to increase asset profitability and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of theft. The TITAN puts you in control of your equipment anytime, anywhere. The TITAN is your complete, affordable solution to reduce the costs caused by equipment theft, inconsistent maintenance and operational inefficiencies.

The TITAN is the industry's only proven theft protection solution that proactively prevents theft, as well as assist in the recovery of stolen equipment. Using a combination of keyswitch alarms, geofences and machine immobilization techniques the TITAN ensures your valuable equipment is always safe. Should a theft attempt occur, the TITAN calls you immediately to report the suspicious activity. If your machine goes on the move, then GPS puts it a click away on your computer.

The TITAN has a 100% success rate in protecting equipment, by either recovering the stolen assets or preventing the theft outright. Keep your insurance rates under control, curb unnecessary downtime and maintain peace of mind with the TITAN as your around-the-clock watchdog on your equipment.

The TITAN is your man in the field recording the hour meter, GPS location and the hours since the last maintenance. All this valuable data is sent wirelessly right to your computer on demand and at specified intervals.

With unbiased hour meter reporting, your maintenance activities stay in perfect sync with the actual hours of use on your equipment. The TITAN even notifies you when your machine is due for maintenance and delivers its location on a street level map for faster service attention. Keeping your service schedule on track with the TITAN means you will never incur the costs of over or under maintaining your equipment.