NetworkFleet (NetworkCar)

The AT-1400 Asset Tracker!

Reliable, battery powered tracking for your fixed and movable fleet assets

NetworkFleet AT-1400

  • Designed for monitoring assets like trailers, generators, and heavy equipment
  • Reports location and movement of assets
  • Configurable update rates and field replaceable battery
  • Battery life lasts up to 6 years depending on update configuration and installation location
  • Industrial grade design and hardened sealed enclosures allow for functionality in extreme environmental conditions
  • 3-year hardware device warranty (excludes battery); does not include Roadside Assistance

NetworkFleet AT-1400 An extension to the Networkfleet family of asset management solutions, the AT-1400 is a certified quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for mobile asset monitoring.

The AT-1400 was designed for the intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed assets. The AT-1400 is a battery operated device with internal GPS and GSM antennas.

The device must be installed ensuring that the top of the device has clear access to the sky. The AT-1400 is a water resistant device but cannot be immersed in water.