NetworkFleet (NetworkCar)


NetworkFleet Networkfleet has one of the most extensive reporting suites available to assist fleet managers in the oversight and monitoring of their vehicles location, performance efficiency and overall mechanical maintenance. With internet access from any computer, managers and business owners can log in to their own secure website to always be in touch with the activity of their fleet.

Activity Alerts Report:
Create and administer all of your fleet's alert reports from a single, simple to use location.

Activity Detail Report:
View detail on location, stop and speed information for an individual vehicle for an entire day.

Begin/ End of Day Report:
View each vehicle's start and stop times as well as the hours that a vehicle was in operation, allowing you to estimate hours worked.

Drive Time Summary Report:
Easily access daily or weekly statistics on your fleet, such as total mileage or maximum speed reached.

Geofence Violation Report:
View a history of when a vehicle entered or exited your predetermined geofenced area. Use this report to monitor the frequency of visits, time of entry/exit and duration of time spent within a restricted area.

Landmark Report - By Landmark:
View a history of which vehicles visited a particular landmark and the duration of each visit.

Landmark Report - By Vehicle:
View a history of which landmarks a particular vehicle visited and the duration of the visits.

Location Report:
With one mouse click, see the current locations of all vehicles on colorful, detailed maps.

Odd Hours Report:
You can easily identify vehicles that are being used during unauthorized hours - weekends, after work hours, etc.

NetworkFleet Speed Violations Report:
See all vehicles that exceeded a given speed.

Stop Detail and Idle Time Report:
Easily confirm the day's stop locations, mileage and trip/stop durations, plus vehicle idle-time data.

Alerts Report:
See a list of vehicles with active and pending alerts.

Fuel Usage and MPG Report:
On one report, view MPG information for a group of vehicles. Use this report to monitor the approximate amount of fuel consumed by each vehicle and to spot vehicles that have exceeded a user-defined threshold for fuel usage during a given time period. Easily reconcile gallons consumed with fuel card expenditures to monitor for abuse.

Idle Time Report:
Reduce fuel waste by pinpointing excessive idling.

Performance Report:
This report provides insight into the overall performance of your vehicles.

Service Report:
Print a list of vehicles along with the service that they have had.