NetworkFleet (NetworkCar)


NetworkFleet Automatic Reports:
Reports can be easily scheduled for delivery to your e-mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This feature allows you to spend less time on paper-chasing and more time on managing your fleet more efficiently.

Activity Alerts:
Activity Alerts allow customers to create four new types of vehicle based notification. Each of these alerts can automatically be e-mailed or sent as a text message (SMS) to one or more recipients. A reporting module allows for easy reference and accounting of triggered alerts. Alert notifications can be set up for: Geofence Violations, Extended Idling, Excessive Speeding and Odd Hour Vehicle Use.

Remote Diagnostics:
The Networkfleet 3500 Series GPS system offers remote diagnostic reporting as a standard feature for no additional monthly charge. This feature is available on vehicles that are 1996 and newer with OBDII plugs, or J1708 plugs on Heavy-duty trucks. Now you can receive e-mail alerts if any of the vehicles have mechanical problems that need immediate attention or are due for routine maintenance. For a more economical alternative to the 3500 Series, ask us about the NetworkFleet 4200 Series, which has all the features of the 3500 but without diagnostic capabilities.

Networkfleet polls the vehicles on board computer (OBD-II) to report actual speed.

Because Networkfleet connects directly to the OBD-II, the system is able to obtain actual speed readings to calculate odometer from the vehicle.

Monitor MPG:
Networkfleet uses a proprietary algorithm to capture MPG from gasoline powered vehicles that have a Mass Airflow sensor.

Fuel Management:
Helps manage fuel consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NetworkFleet Web-based:
Secure login 24/7 for access to fleet information with multiple users and customer defined privileges.

Scalable reporting solution allows you to schedule real-time alerts daily, weekly, or monthly for speed thresholds, geofence violations, speeding, odd-hours breaches, and more.

Roadside Assistance:
Includes free roadside help nationwide for every vehicle in your fleet, up to 4 incidents per vehicle, per year.

Networkfleet data can easily be integrated with most fuel tax, accounting, fuel card, and dispatch software.

With more than 50 patents issued or pending, Networkfleet received the 2008 AeA High Tech award and was a finalist in Connect's 2008 Most Innovative Product Award for clean technology.

Founded in 1999:
For more than a decade, Networkfleet has provided its customers with world-class fleet management solutions and an on-demand Customer Care support team.

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