Navman All of these reports come as standard on the OnlineAVL 2. Use the Reports to view historical information and to validate job logs, start/finish times, mileage, onsite time, site visits, speed and much more. All data can be saved and exported as: PDF, CSV, Excel, TIFF and XML. Data is stored on Navman Wireless Server for 180 days. Reports can also be scheduled so it can be automatically generated and sent to any email address, as a PDF, CSV or XML.

Activity Report:
Details events that a vehicle/device or driver has generated for a given period. One, some or all events can be selected for reporting.

Customer Site Report:
Shows which vehicle or driver has been to a Customer Site, arrival time and duration of their stay.

Geofence Report:
Shows when and where vehicle has entered or exited a Geofence; how much time vehicle has spent inside the Geofenced area and how many miles traveled within it.

Idle Report:
Tells you when, where and how long a vehicle has been idling. You can select idle parameter by feet and time.

Mileage Report:
Details total mileage for a vehicle, including the total mileage if more than one day/one vehicle have been selected.

Overspeed Report:
Allows you to identify every time a vehicle or driver was recorded traveling faster than a defined speed. The report lists the date, time and location of speeding events.

Stop Report:
Lists every stop that a vehicle or driver makes over a given time period and how long the vehicle was stopped at each of those locations.

Navman Trip Report:
Creates a run sheet for a vehicle or driver. Information includes every trip (between ignition on and ignition off), trip distance, trip time and on site time. Use this report to verify timesheets and job logs.

Speed Analysis Report:
Allows you to examine driver or vehicle behavior over time and provides a statistical representation of driving behavior. The Speed Analysis Report allows you to see how much time a driver spends operating in different speed bands that you define.

Unauthorized Event Report:
Reports on all unauthorized movement of a vehicle or driver (as set up in 'event alerting' - 'calendar'). You can schedule periods where no unauthorized activity should occur based on the vehicle moving a certain distance or exiting/entering a Geofence. This report is used to assist in security management and highlight incidents of unauthorized vehicle use outside of business hours.

Message Report:
Reports on all messages sent and received by the AVL 2. Valid only if an MDT/M-Nav device is installed in the vehicle).

Event Alert Report:
Reports on all alerts that were generated based on the defined criteria's set up.

Vehicle Maintenance Status Report:
Reports on the status (overdue, due, ok) of vehicle maintenance issues for every vehicle that has been set up with it.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Report:
Reports information in the log completed when the vehicle maintenance issue has been addressed.

State Mileage Report:
This report shows the distance traveled by the selected vehicle(s) within a geographic state during the specified time period, either as a summary or day-by-day.

Mileage Report by Driver:
This report shows the total mileage done by the selected driver(s) during the specified time period (usually in one day - midnight to midnight).

Executive Summary Report:
This report shows the following information for selected vehicle(s) within one vehicle group OR for selected vehicle(s) within two or more vehicle group(s) during the specified time period:

  • total time a vehicle has been in use
  • total distance driven
  • travel time (total Ignition ON time)
  • stop time (total time the vehicle has been stopped)
  • idle time / total idles (total number of idling events)
  • total stops

...And many other types of reports to assist you in your fleet management needs!