Benefits of GPS Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Management

  • Theft Protection and Recovery
  • Savings on Fuel Costs
  • Remote Diagnostics Alerts
  • Trouble Code Alert Notification
  • Start, Stop & Idle Time History
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  • Increase Driver Accountability and Productivity
  • Record Precise Times on Work Sites
  • Track and Record Vehicle Speeds
  • Manage more Efficient Routing & Dispatching
  • Maintenance Due Alerts
  • Record Maintenance History
  • Track and Record Vehicle Mileage
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suites
  • Scheduled reports emailed daily/weekly/monthly
  • Instant Alerts text messaged to cell phones
  • Discounts on Insurance Costs
  • Roadside Assistance Included with some Plans

Minimize Rising Fuel Costs:
Fuel expenses are cutting into company profits more than ever before, but now there are ways to minimize gasoline costs. GPS Fleet Management technology enables businesses to monitor every vehicle in near real-time, and receive printable reports that display speeding history and violations, excessive idle time, and average MPG of each vehicle over any designated time period. Fleet managers can plan more efficient routing to cut back on fuel use and detect when fuel is being consumed due to unauthorized personal use.

Vehicle Maintenance & Diagnostic Alerts:
Now there's a better way to manage fleet mechanical problems and prevent expensive repairs before they occur! GPS systems with built-in OBDII diagnostic capabilities will e-mail trouble code alerts as soon as a problem presents itself, giving the fleet manager a "heads-up" that immediate maintenance is necessary. Fleet managers can receive notification of new and past vehicle recalls, and keep accurate records of repairs and routine maintenance on each vehicle. They can also customize their website to receive reminders when routine maintenance checks (such as oil changes) are due.
(This feature is not available on all GPS models, please request if interested)

Locate Vehicle - Theft Recovery:
Most fleet managers find it frustrating when they can't find where their vehicles are. With GPS tracking and detailed, colorful mapping, it only takes a moment to learn the exact location of individual vehicles or the entire fleet. Vehicle travel history can be referenced to show the routes traveled during any chosen time period, and addresses can be queried to find out which vehicle is closest to that location. In the event that one of your fleet vehicles is stolen, it can easily be tracked and the police can be alerted to it's location for recovery. Whenever possible, Colorado Fleet Solutions installs its GPS Fleet Tracking units and antennas so they are hidden, so thieves cannot easily detect their presence to disable the device.

Increase Driver Productivity:
With most GPS systems you can accurately monitor driver productivity and confirm overtime payroll costs. With a quick scan you can determine a driver's total work hours during a single day, week, or month. Start/Stop Detail Reports show detailed stop information for a vehicle to help better manage driver activities. It's easy to confirm the day's stop locations and durations, and allows the fleet manager to see exactly when a vehicle arrives at the job site, how long it's there, and when it leaves. GPS history reports will eliminate any discrepancies or disputes that arise concerning customer billing time or what subcontractors charge the business for time spent at the work site. Start/Stop Detail Reports also assist in reducing unauthorized use (personal side trips, excessive break times, etc.), and increase the productivity and accountability of individual fleet vehicles. Increased driver efficiency and accountability means that extra jobs can be added and excessive payroll costs reduced.

Unauthorized Driver Use:
Employees who use company vehicles for personal use can increase liability risks, fuel usage and wear on the vehicles. Especially vulnerable are those businesses who allow employees or subcontractors to take their company vehicles home after normal work hours and on weekends. Odd Hours Reports with alerts allow fleet managers to preset what times the vehicles should be parked and not in use, as well as keep track of where they went, how many miles they traveled and how long they were there.

Liability Concerns & Soaring Insurance Costs:
Most fleets allow their employees or subcontractors to take company vehicles home after hours and on weekends, but the business is 100% liable for accidents or damages that involve that vehicle. GPS can help fleet managers to reduce after hours use and minimize liability exposure. Many insurance companies offer a 10%-15% discount to fleets that have GPS systems capable of tracking and recovering stolen vehicles. We encourage our customers to check with their insurance carriers to find out how much they can save on their insurance expenses by having GPS systems in their company fleet.

Roadside Assistance for Stranded Vehicles:
Roadside Assistance is included with some GPS monthly air-time subscriptions. Call for details!